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In the case of Shea Butter ‘highly refined’ may not be as desirable as it sounds!?

In the case of Shea Butter ‘highly refined’ may be one of the least desirable grades of Shea butter to use in beauty products to get your skin to glow at all your refined parties ;-)! What do I mean, well just that… less refined Shea butter might not be as artificially sculpted to a supposed ideal and there’s strong evidence that it’s actually a lot better for you!

Out of the different grades of Shea Butter available, unrefined Shea butter contains the highest levels of vitamins and also has the closest balance of fats to those that were originally present in the Shea nut whilst it was still on the tree. We often talk of balanced diets…. well it stands to reason that balanced skincare is also important. We wouldn’t guzzle masses of refined sugars and artificial food and expect to be healthy so why should we subject our skin to refined Shea butter where the natural balance has been altered.

Similarly to in food products, the more processed and refined a product gets the further away from it’s natural nourishing form it gets. Harsh processing using extreme temperatures and bleaching chemicals often removes or damages the complex natural structures that are so good for our bodies. The less processing, the less the natural balance of vitamins and fatty acid structures are altered, making unrefined Shea butter the best choice for luxurious and nourishing beauty products.

So when preparing yourself for your highly refined social life consider a thought and possibly including unrefined Shea butter in your beauty regime.

Shea Butter Science

This is a video about the Science of Shea Butter


Shea Butter is scientifically proven to be benificial for the health of your skin cells. Independent studies show that it is higher in nutritional content than Cocoa Butter.

Can I use Shea Butter in my hair?

Shea Butter is a great moisturizer for hair, particularly for dry or extremely curly hair. It’s often used on afro-carribean hair and is a beauty hair essential for many, but don’t be scared if you have straight hair you can still benefit, but do start out CAUTIOUSLY and check you like the look it gives your hair during the shea moisturizing treatment.

The essential fatty acids that make up Shea butter moisturize deep into the hair shaft and can help protect all types of hair against split ends and keep your hair healthy. Be careful not to apply too much though and start out with a little on the tips! As with any oil you need to be careful not to make your hair look greasy. If you want to apply more, try it overnight to thoroughly moisturize then wash in the morning… but be careful as any type of oil is notoriously difficult to wash out of your hair, so proceed VERY carefully!

If you have afro-carribean hair you can use Shea Butter liberally to define your curls and as a leave in conditioner. It’s very good for your hair and by using 100% shea butter you’re avoiding putting unknown chemicals into your hair. To apply take some and rub between your palms then smooth over the hair.

Want to get hold of some?

You can order Shea Butter online from many different sites but Essential Depot in Florida rates highly… check out their reviews, they’ve got superb customer service and I haven’t yet found cheaper!

Or alternatively you may be able to find a shop near you that stocks yellow Shea butter, because it’s often used as a hair product and can sometimes be found in Afro-Caribbean beauty product shops.

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